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15 Minutes Live


Original new short plays for radio.
Performed live in front of an audience with on-stage sound effects and live music these snapshots of our city are part love story, part musical, part goon show.

In November 2011 Slung Low and the I Love West Leeds Festival commissioned 6 new short radio plays from writers based in West Yorkshire.
The collection of plays were recorded in front of an audience at the Sunny Bank Mills, Farsley with a live band providing the music and a team of foley artists creating the sound effects.
The performance was recorded, and distributed on CDs to Old Age People in West Leeds.
Commissioned writers for
15 Minutes Live 1 were Emma Adams, Aisha Khan, Alice Nutter, Rommi Smith, Ben Tagoe, Boff Whalley.

The company has committed to creating a series of 15 Minute Live events, each with new writers, in the region over the next 3 years. Creating a collection of plays for voices exploring what it is to be alive here and now in West Yorkshire.